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Transforming secure access for SMEs

With the global access control market expected to top $16 billion by 2025 (up from $6 billion in 2017), there are definite opportunities to be had. But while many solutions providers have been mainly targeting larger organisations, it seems small to medium enterprises (SMEs) have fallen by the wayside.

When it comes to managing access to their offices, SMEs are often stuck between two extremes – they must either implement offerings designed for larger businesses in mind or use solutions that are not robust enough to give them the peace of mind they need to protect their physical presence.

Enter the dormakaba South Africa Matrix One access solution.

Designed expressly with to suit the unique requirements of SMEs, this is truly an off-the-shelf offering that is easy to use, completely secure, and browser-based making it accessible from anywhere in the world.

Considering that access control is the fastest-growing segment in the physical security industry, it is unsurprising that companies are waking up to the potential of these solutions for organisations of all sizes. However, dormakaba has developed a uniquely bespoke offering that they preconfigure to ensure the small business owner can focus on what matters – driving organisational success – instead of being tied up with administrative-heavy access control.

The Matrix One system is ideal for any small business whether it is a trade operation or law firm, a pharmacist, administrative company, or even a service organisation such as an ad agency.

The dormakaba solution leverages a perfected role concept that easily defines responsibilities across departments. Its user-friendly interface ensures security managers can view all access points without having to wade through different dashboards and systems.

With Matrix One, access points link to the system via a network. Information is transmitted in real-time. But in the event of the network going down, the access points are also radio-linked to ensure smooth operations. And because the access points are not wired, rights are stored in the components themselves. This provides for a more secure environment giving security personnel a flexible way of managing all aspects of their access control.

Given that Matrix One is browser-based, there is no need to install software on a PC or even run patches on the solution. It can be access from smartphones and tablets, laptops or desktops anywhere there is an internet connection. Once Matrix One is installed on the organisational server, it can be accessed by every device on the company network.

Using Matrix One means the SME does not have to rip and replace any of its infrastructure. It merely enhances what is currently there and provides an intuitive way of managing access control. It can instantly reject or grant access based on criteria and keeps all access data safely stored on the company network.

It provides support for offline, access on card, and online modes covering all possible connectivity scenarios. Its inexpensive start licenses can be upgraded at any time for up to 250 employees. Matrix One also features remote opening capabilities for the ultimately in control.

By integrating with alarm systems, it can enhance existing solutions. Furthermore, Matrix One provides complete oversight of all access points in real-time. So, whether the SME requires basic access functions or door status monitoring, visitor management or CCTV camera integration, Matrix One has it covered.

Contact Dormakaba today and find out more about the innovative SME-focused Matrix One access solution.