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Identity and access management has business on high alert

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is now a must in commerce and the need to protect digital assets (most notably data) is driving the development of solutions and widespread adoption, irrespective of the size of the business.

Paul Chari, Principal Consultant EDC Solutions at dormakaba South Africa, a leading provider of smart access solutions and services, believes the market has grown in maturity in terms of its understanding of the dynamics of IAM and the solutions that characterise this space.

He maintains that the level of information about IAM and the latest trends, international best practices is now available, and that empowers service providers.

“Ubiquity of information also allows research to be done to see what others have done with similar problems or goals,” said Chari.

The advent of IAM is a catalyst for service providers that are competing with solution development and integration.

“For the consumer they can see how they can protect their person, premises and intellectual property.  In the cases where a business is based on keeping customer information safe, IAM becomes and enabler as confidence and trust encapsulates an offering.  In this respect, all hosting services are enabled by including IAM components,” Chari added.

dormakaba emphasises that IAM is no longer simply a ‘box to tick’ within the business operation.

“IAM is critical because of the connected nature of today’s devices.  It is no longer an industry-based item associated with the hype and marketing around the Internet of Things,” said Chari.

He maintains that IAM’s growth needs to be kept in perspective and unfortunately its fit is based on opinion and context.

As far as the official business’ security posture is concerned, understanding the requirements determines where an organisation will allocate it.

Primarily, the fit will be determined by the goals versus understanding of the available solutions Chari continues.

“An organisation’s culture and process can be enhanced bringing consciousness to the effect for various actions.  Between access to various areas and a view into electronic tools, there is locking of doors, blocking off certain areas, locking of phones and PCs, the changes can be very profound,” he said.

IAM should fall within the business intelligence department because this department has an overall view of business strategy, policy and operational design.

Chari explains that this is the best way to assess and apply what is needed and how to manage IAM in the various facets of the business.