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Managing the opening

dormakaba … a unified force of singular quality access control solutions

Formidable innovative supplier with presence in over 130 countries, including strong presence across Africa.

dormakaba is a leading provider of smart access solutions for businesses in every sector across the continent of Africa. The company began operating as dormakaba following a strategic merger between dorma and kaba, which led to the formation of an unequalled operation focused on the development of products, solutions and services that strengthen security and access control at our client’s operations.

The merger represents a collective 150 years of security and reliability.

It has effectively combined security and access control expertise into a globally recognised brand. This brand is synonymous with the capacity to meet the needs of the modern workplace environment – a single source of smart and secure access solutions.

Our target market is broad covering several key industries including financial, hospitality, residential, utilities /telecoms, production facilities, airports, commercial offices, education, retail and healthcare, among others.

What we offer

dormakaba’s unequalled knowledge of access control and security technology aside, the company has cemented its technical expertise and sense of ‘what works’ in business today through its acclaimed solution portfolio.

A strong global brand dormakaba®, is one of the keys to success and an integral element for achieving one of our strategic goals: innovation leadership in our business.

Alongside the dorma and Kaba brands, the dormakaba Group’s portfolio contains a number of other valuable brands.

Registered brands of dormakaba Group:

Access Solutions: dormakaba®, Kaba®, DORMA®, Com-ID®, Ilco®, La Gard®, LEGIC®, SAFLOK®, Silca®, Kilargo® Farpointe Data®, Best®, Madinoz®, La Gard®;

Key & Wall Solutions: Silca®, Ilco®, Advanced Diagnostics®, Modernfold®, Dorma Hüppe®, Skyfold®

Country-specific requirements or business considerations may mean that not all dormakaba Group products and systems are available in all markets

Our portfolio covers every facet of access and security control in physical structures including door hardware, entrance systems, electronic access & data, interior glass systems, mechanical key systems, lodging systems, safe locks, key systems, movable walls and services.

Door hardware - Long-life, attractive door technology solutions:  for greater on-site convenience, easy assembly and reliable functionality from a single source.

Entrance systems - Automated access solutions: for convenient, automated building access.

Electronic access & data - Electronic access control and workforce management: for efficient access management, security and data collection.

Interior glass systems - High-quality system solutions made from glass: for a wide range of everyday and office applications.

Mechanical key systems - Optimal security with flexible allocation of access rights: for the best possible control, low costs and greater convenience.

Lodging systems - Hotel locks and locking systems as well as access management solutions for holiday homes: for reliable yet convenient and efficient protection of all kinds of property.

Safe locks - Security locks: for optimal protection of goods, valuables, information or hazardous substances against unauthorised access.

Key systems - Key blanks and key-cutting machines as well as automotive solutions ranging from vehicle keys up to programming devices: for every access situation.

Movable walls - Flexible, efficient partition wall solutions: for individual space configuration in hotels, conference centres, studios and other venues.

Services - Tailor-made services and customised maintenance: for the long-term functional integrity of all types of access and security solutions.

Integrated solutions for industrial parks –

·         Kaba EACM – integrated, efficient, secure, unique

·         Door hardware – opportunity comes knocking:  Our comprehensive range of door closers, locks, door furniture and emergency exit hardware offers premium design quality for build longevity and compliance – all from a single source.

·         Turnstiles: We offer a comprehensive range of the latest robust technology to give you full control over your access, including Kentaur full-height turnstiles and full-height gates, Charon half-height turnstiles, and Kerberos tripod turnstiles.

This neatly packaged solution cluster has been carefully designed with the needs of Africa’s diverse and growing market in mind.

dormakaba is a 16 000-employee strong business that is partner-centric and technically proficient. It has the skills, experience, resources and knowledge to add value to the continent’s dynamic digital journey, incorporating the very best globally recognised access control and security solutions from a single source.

The company has entrenched its reputation as a trusted technology advisor and consultant to assist clients with every development phase of a construction project – including maintenance, consulting, planning, realisation and operation.

Unlocking innovation

The formation of dormakaba alerted the global access control and security market to a new breed of operator, driven by innovation.

Innovation is in turn driven by market trends, customer requirements, technical trends and corporate strategy.

At the heart of dormakaba’s expansion and service delivery is the consistent focus on research and development.

To date the company is investing between four and five percent of its annual turnover in innovation and product development.

Design Thinking Innovation

dormakaba aims to become a leader in innovation by creating superior customer value. To reach this aim, innovative ideas need courage and competence – across the whole company, departments, and people.

With our video series "Innovation Stories" we portray colleagues from all over the world who are committed to working on new products and solutions and thus play a decisive role for the innovative strength of dormakaba.

Playfully developing the future with our customers

What will innovative access solutions look like in 2025? How will digital transformation influence the security industry? Design Thinking tackles these types of questions – to create new ideas or develop an alternative solution.

Design Thinking is not just a process, but rather a mindset … a culture of innovation with the potential to solve problems. The method is classically described as design-oriented process – ideas are illustrated and the first new products are visualised with prototypes.

Modular design

Our solutions are based on a modular design, which means that they are developed  with subdivision and segmentation in mind. Systems are separated into smaller modules that can be autonomously created and then used in various other systems.

This offers up a number of advantages to designers, it allows for an independent development approach that fosters creativity and inspires focused development. Modular design equals efficiency in utilisation and development through reuse.

In short, we don’t reinvent the wheel!

A partner you can trust… we’ve got your access covered

dormakaba is committed to foster a sustainable development along our entire value chain in line with our economic, environmental and social responsibilities toward current and future generations.

We seek an open, transparent dialogue with all stakeholders to define strategies and actions based on clear targets and continuous improvement, and we actively report on our progress.

Sustainability is one of the key success factors to become the trusted industry leader. That is why sustainability has been anchored as a foundation of our strategic pillars.

We commit to action on four focus areas in our sustainability management, including process and production, products, people and transparency.

Process & Production: We seek to reduce the environmental impact of production and adhere to environmental laws and regulations. We strive to ensure a healthy and safe workplace and to safeguard our customers’ right to privacy and security.

Products: We are dedicated to producing high-quality, reliable products and solutions, also integrating our customers’ health and safety. We aim to reduce our customers’ environmental burdens by designing materially- and energy-efficient products.

People: We offer fair working conditions in which our employees can leverage on their strengths and build their skills. We foster an engaged workforce where we have the right people in the right roles.

Transparency: We are committed to be a socially responsible corporate citizen and to upholding the principles of international conventions, laws and internal rules and regulations. We also expect our suppliers and business partners to adhere to similar standards and rules.

Accolades and industry recognition

dormakaba is proud of its track record of industry leadership and we are equally proud of the recognition from the market. It is inspirational to know that dormakaba touches the lives of people and continues to add value.

2017/2018 highlights

·         29% of sites are certified to ISO 14001 environmental management system standard

·         10% of suppliers in the sustainability target group assessed, based on procurement spend

·         12% of products based on revenue share have an environmental and/or health product declaration

·         80% of employees were trained on the dormakaba Code of Conduct 12,500 tonnes of CO² saved due to energy saving initiatives and renewable energy purchases

·         dormakaba has been awarded a silver medal as a recognition of their EcoVadis CSR Rating