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Trust dormakaba for secure and total access control

Urbanisation is driving the need for smart technology, the foundation behind the development and introduction of smart cities. Security is a vital cog in the wheel and this encompasses physical security and access control. Only one company has the technical expertise and experience to offer a one-stop-shop for access control solutions, a brand that is built on trust and continues to add value in commerce.

dormakaba has established itself as the leading provider of the entire spectrum of access control and security solutions that are an ideal fit for smart cities, defined by unified communication systems and interconnected platforms that are used to manage utility services, among other applications.

The company is a leading global manufacturer of products for security, time & attendance, access control and enterprise data collection. It already has a strategic, well established global reputation for robust, high-tech solutions and is now focused on the security-centric South African market.

dormakaba believes South Africa continues to grow and there is economic opportunity, which means that there is wealth. This means there an increasing demand for security.

dormakaba offers the South African market the entire spectrum of security, from high security doors to safelocks and it does so through its partnership with companies like AWM360 Data Systems.

The company is able to do this because of the level of international research and development that it has invested into solution development.

dormakaba is adamant that it is technology that keeps smart cities secure and this is the reason why it insists on constant exposure to cutting-edge technology trends, and on training staff to ensure the highest levels of certification.

The intention is always to recruit the right people into the right positions.

This dedication to training and certification, along with exposure to product development, helps dormakaba maintain its dominant reputation for reliable, solid and effective security control solutions.

It also ensures that dormakaba is able to not only keep up with innovation within access control and security, but actually help determine the technical direction operators in this space should take.

dormakaba houses a superior offering and the company has reinforced its value proposition through the acquisition of AWM360 and Saflock.

This is an exciting blend of expertise and the company believes in upskilling its workforce to optimise its business portfolio and ensure the best possible service level to customers.

Using this level of experience and knowledge, dormakaba’s leaders have expansion on the continent in mind.

Trust is very hard to earn and very easy to lose. A brand promise must be lived from the inside out: trust is the guiding theme for the company’s culture as an organisation and for the individuals who form this organisation.

Its people, processes, products and ultimately customers will benefit from the company’s culture, based on trustful relationships.