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dormakaba’s smart solutions revolutionise hospitality industry

Leading provider of security and access control technology dormakaba now offers a comprehensive range of smart hotel and resort planning solutions that are designed to simplify customer experience.

The hospitality industry is growing and remains fiercely competitive.

dormakaba is a trusted solutions and services partner with the technical expertise and market experience to help businesses not only effectively control their resources, but ensure guests have an incredible experience.

From grand entrances to guest room doors, common areas & access technologies, hotels remain secure, yet comfortably accessible with dormakaba.

Technologies include RFID, wireless online systems, & mobile access solutions.

This technology is applied to enhance access control (incorporating revolving doors, sliding doors and swing doors) and integration of seamless and secure mobile solutions, as well as branded/3rd party apps for seamless and secure mobile access

This is achieved with the integration of leading global software including Ilco and Saflok advanced locking technology brands.

These are multiplatform solutions with application program interface that offers end-to-end control.

For example, smart access means seamless integration throughout the property – covering aspects like elevator control, and amenity access, as well as complete accountability.

The emphasis is on security and convenience, with infrastructure that includes wood and hollow metal doors, complete glass hardware solutions, sliding wall systems and locks, among other finishings

It speaks to the need for businesses in hospitality to always consider elegance, sophistication and convenience - without sacrificing practicality and efficiency.