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Internationally recognised provider of smart and secure access solutions, dormakaba South Africa says its product data is readily available to be imported and is compliant with the building information modelling (BIM) process in the construction sector. This enables professionals to plan, build, and maintain buildings with greater efficiency using a secure, and customisable product suite.


Even though many view the BIM architectural models created on a computer as simply downloading 3D objects in different formats, it is much more significant than that in the connected world in which we live. BIM provides customers with the latest, most reliable, and precise product data for the planning, construction, and management of buildings. As such, dormakaba South Africa has integrated BIM to encompass all facets of planning and construction.


This extends to providing the construction sector in Africa with solutions that can be customised for any project requirements as per the globally recognised BIM Standards. From the hardware specification of each door in a building to the door elevation, from customised Revit families of entrance systems, movable partitions, and interior glass systems to hardware scheduling with images, the dormakaba BIM approach incorporates everything.


BIM is the planning tool of the future. Paper and drawing boards are obsolete for architects and designers. They use digital drawings as a basis for calculating required building materials and to plan construction costs. BIM enables them to develop complete digital building models from individual objects such as materials, floor finishes, electrical installations, plumbing, lighting, doors, windows, and so on using several programmes.


The dormakaba BIM download service covers most products in its portfolio and its objects are available in multiple file formats including ArchiCAD and Revit. It is only a matter of using its downloadable plugins to integrate dormakaba into the software system of the architect or the engineer.

At dormakaba, user-friendliness is prioritised. As such, its BIM solution is easy to access, features advanced navigation and filtering functions, contains reliable product data, and provides the latest updates once they become available. Moreover, its system is completely customisable, so it can be designed to fit any specifications or engineering requirements.


With dormakaba South Africa, BIM is not the latest buzzword but a completely integrated solutions approach. It is a fundamental way of providing customers with a globally recognised, BIM-compliant, and secure design environment.