Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International
Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International

T1 terminal - 2 sets of triple lanes, 3 full height doors and 1 half-height gate

Portland International Airport
Portland International

Main terminal - 2 sets of triple lanes, 2 full height doors and 1 half-height gate

Phoenix Mesa Gateway
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway

Main terminal - Double lane, 3 full height doors and 1 half-height gate

Automated Exit Lane Breach Control – Transforming Spaces & Experiences


Every airport’s space and needs are different. That’s why dormakaba Exit Lane Breach Control (ELBC) offers so many customizable configurations and features. When you have the right solution, success naturally follows. Here are a couple of ways ELBC is transforming our clients’ spaces and passenger flow experiences.

ELBC Increases Efficiency and Productivity

Typically, exit lanes are staffed by a security guard who is confined to one area scanning the crowd and waiting for something to happen. The use of exit lane technology frees up the guard to perform other duties such as, identification checks, patrol the perimeter, and conduct employee screenings.

ELBC technology also dramatically reduces alert and response times. Instead of waiting for radio calls, reviewing CCTV footage, and communicating with responders, ELBC immediately alerts personnel, restricts access, and provides descriptive information.

ELBC Provides a Focal Point

Before integrating exit lanes into their airport, one of our clients, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, lacked a true focal point in the baggage claim area. Guests who were there to meet arriving passengers did not know exactly where they would be exiting. The installation of the ELBC allowed the airport to make an architectural adjustment that was more visually organized, allowing guests to quickly locate their friends and loved ones and be on their way.

ELBC also gives arriving passengers an obvious exit point without being obtrusive. It has a presence but, due to their compact size, the units don’t inhibit traffic flow. In fact, they enhance traffic flow by providing clear direction to those who may not be familiar with the layout of the airport.

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