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FIPS Certification Class

Prerequisites: Knowledge of the Standard E-Plex Software, Completion and prior submission of the “Kaba Questionnaire to become a FIPS Certified Dealer”, Certificate of Completion of four HID On-line courses * (certificate of completion must be forwarded to Kaba prior to registration for the FIPS Certification Class)

Students will be certified on Kaba’s E-Plex General FIPS Software and the E-Plex 5800 Stand-Alone Access Control Lock. Students will receive information on the FIPS 201 Standards and how it applies to stand-alone access control units and what agencies currently utilize these credentials. The handson class includes presentations on FIPS credentials are how they are programmed into the software and the lock. Students will be trained on the simplicity of administering temporary and re-activation cards for existing users. The certification class also includes software programming, retrieval of audit trails, and how to program PIN numbers, DESFire Cards or FIPS 201 Credential Cards at the lock using the LearnLok feature. Upon completion of the certification test, students receiving a passing grade will become Certified FIPS Dealers.

Date 11-15-2018 (06:00 AM - 05:30 AM)
Location Winston-Salem, NC (Kaba U), United States
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