dormakaba readers & credentials product line
Readers & Credentials: Contactless readers including proximity (125 kHz), smartcard (13.56 MHz), & long-range solutions

13.56 MHz Credentials

dormakaba offers an attractive selection of 13.56 MHz high-frequency credential formats. Keyscan 13.56MHz credentials are available in Keyscan 36-bit format. iCLASS 13.56MHz credentials are also available in Keyscan 36 bit plus offer Keyscan Elite Key format (excluding Seos). DESFire EV2 credentials are also available. dormakaba’s 13.56MHz credentials are available as clamshell, ISO graphics quality cards, fob and tag styles.

  • K-SECURE Credentials
  • iCLASS SEOS Credentials
  • DESFire EV2 Credentials
  • iClass SE & SR (legacy) Credentials
  • RF Transmitters

Product details

Keyscan K-SECURE Credentials
Equipped with numerous anti-counterfeiting and card anti-duplication technologies and a robust AES multilayer encryption technology offering greater security.  

  • Complies with international interoperability (ISO14443) standards for 3rd party applications  
  • ISO printable 
  • Available in packages of 50 cards/fobs 
  • Keyscan 36-bit format for even more security over standard 26-bit 125kHz credentials 

Available models: 

  • K-SECURE 1K graphics quality card 
  • K-SECURE 4K graphics quality card 
  • K-SF-1K smart fob 
  • K-BLE – Keyscan Mobile Credential 
  • K-TX2-1K RF Transmitter (for use with Keyscan K-RX wireless receiver) 

This credential will function with: 

  • K-SMART3 BLE mobile & standard 
  • K-SKPR readers

Keyscan iCLASS® SEOS® Credentials 
Keyscan’s KI8KSEOS iCLASS® SEOS™ smart card is ideal for organizations with stringent security requirements for their credential solution. It functions with iCLASS SE® SEOS platform, and delivers superior data integrity and privacy protection by leveraging the latest cryptographic algorithms.  
Available model:  

  • KI8KSEOS - ISO 8K smartcard 

This credential will function with: 

  • KR10SO (standard) 
  • KR10SOM (NFC-BLE mobile-ready) 
  • KR40SO (standard) 
  • KR40SOM (NFC-BLE mobile-ready) 
  • KRK40SO (standard) 
  • KRK40SOM (NFC-BLE mobile-ready)

DESFire EV2 Credentials

  • CSC-2 Clamshell card
  • CSM-2P ISO graphics quality card
  • CSK-2 Fob
  • K-TX2-EV2 4- button wireless transmitter

Keyscan iCLASS® SE Credentials 
iCLASS SE credentials utilize a Trusted Identity Platform (TIP) architecture for advanced applications, mobility and heightened security. These credentials have the exclusive Keyscan Elite Key feature and are specifically designed to function only within Keyscan iCLASS SE environments. These credentials function only with Keyscan iCLASS SE reader series – KR10SE; KR40SE; and KRK40SE. 
Available models: 

  • KC2K2SE clamshell card 
  • KI2K2SE ISO smartcard 
  • KF2K2SE smart fob 

This credential will function with: 

  • KR10SE 
  • KR40SE 
  • KRK40SE 

The Keyscan selection of RF transmitters is a simple way to grant access in parking gate, garage and other long-range read access control environments. They can also function within your facility. 
Available models: 

  • K-TX2-1K smart RF transmitter 

This smart RF transmitter will function with: 

  • K-RX  
  • K-SMART3 BLE mobile & standard 
  • K-SKPR