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New dormakaba Vacation Rental White Paper Details Advantages of Online Access Control

How Vacation Rental Managers, Owners and Guests Benefit from Secure Online Access Control in the Smart Home Automation Revolution

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MONTREAL, QC, CANADA – January 15, 2019 - dormakaba, a leader in the global market for access and security solutions, released its latest Vacation Rental industry white paper, “The Smart Home Revolution: Three ways online access control is a win-win for you and your vacation rental guests.” The white paper details the demand for smart home automation technology by vacation rental travelers and the advantages of online keyless entry access control for managers, owners and guests. Click here to download the white paper.

“Home automation is now on a faster growth curve than smartphones were at the height of their expansion. As consumers come to rely on the comfort, convenience and safety of smart technology at home, they seek it out in their travels and pay a premium to get it. Online access controlled keyless entry is the heart of vacation rental smart home automation,” said Stephen Pollack, vice president of marketing for dormakaba.  “Capturing high-dollar bookings is just one of the benefits the smart home revolution brings to vacation rental managers and owners by providing the security and amenities guests are familiar with from home.”

The penetration rate for home automation is currently at 32 percent of U.S. households in 2018, with a predicted rise to 53 percent by 2022. Experts predict the IoT market will jump from an installed base of 15.4 billion devices in 2015 to 75.4 billion devices in 2025 according to IHS Markit.

Online Access Control – The Hub of a Smart Vacation Rental Home
Online access control is an enterprise solution that provides centralized management of home access and automation for multiple vacation rental properties. dormakaba’s white paper outlines how online keyless entry access control is networked with smart home automation, so managers and owners can instantly retrieve the intelligence they need to see a complete picture of their properties’ status—who comes and goes in real time, staff visits, and home automation functions. This real-time information gives operators the ability to improve operational efficiency and the guest experience.

Download the white paper to learn three ways online access control attracts more guests, lowers expenses, streamlines operations and reduces liability. 

“When a vacation rental property combines convenience, safety and modern amenities, it attracts more guests—guests who are willing to pay a premium for their high-tech creature comforts,” said Pollack.

Click here to download the white paper

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dormakaba Oracode, the first access control and locking solution provider to the vacation rental market, leverages more than 35 years of technology. Oracode keyless door locks provide an easy-to-use and secure web-based interface to issue time-sensitive codes for guest and contractor access. dormakaba is one of the top three companies in the global market for access and security solutions. With strong brands such as Dorma and Kaba in our portfolio, we are a single source for products, solutions, and services related to doors and secure access to buildings and rooms. With around 16,000 employees and numerous cooperation partners, we are active in over 130 countries. dormakaba is headquartered in Rümlang (Zurich/Switzerland) and generates an annual turnover of over CHF 2 billion.

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