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History and functionality in one building


The Madrid Town Hall: Arquimática (Francisco Rodríguez Partearroyo) The Post Office: Lizcano & González Arquitectos


Madrid, Spain

The Communications Palace (called Cibeles Palace since 2011) is comprised of two white buildings located in the Cibeles Square. The first stone was laid in 1907 and it was the beginning of its construction.

It was officially opened on 14 March 1919 starting its operation as a modern post, telegraph and telephone distribution center.

In 1993 The Post and Communications Palace was declared of Cultural Interest in the Monument category, and in 2007 it began to house the municipal offices of Madrid City Council.

Project Details
The alterations of the early twenty-first century in the building also includes a cultural area called "CentroCentro". The Office continues its location but it also experienced an access and inside remodeling.

The ensemble is, from the architectural point of view, one of the first examples of Spanish modernist architecture, designed by architect Antonio Palacios. The romantic sculptor Ángel García Díaz was in charge of its facade, with "Neoplaterescas" and Salamancan baroque evocations.

The Arquimática and Lizcano & Gonzalez Architects study carried on the remodeling of this architectural ensemble landmark.

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