Training Mechanical Key Systems

Smart MKS

Smart MKS eLearning program deals with further information on Mechanical Key Systems and is a continuation of the Basics of MKS program. If a general sales pitch has been simulated in the past, different customer groups are now targeted. If individual parts of a cylinder were previously named, a cylinder is now assembled. Also, you get to know the security standards valid for the Austrian market. To complete the following eLearning courses, you need around an hour in total. After completing each course, you will be asked to challenge yourself with a short quiz.


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Smart MKS

eLearning CoursesLearning ObjectivesDuration
MKS Customer I
MKS Customer II

Upon completion of the modules (Part I & II), you can ...

  • distinguish the important MKS customer groups,  
  • know the tasks and needs of your customers,
  •  understand how to approach customers and meet their needs. 
30 Minutes
Cylinder Parts
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​After completing this module you can ...
  • determine the individual parts of a cylinder,  
  • assemble a virtual cylinder.
10 Minutes
MKS Maintainance
After completing this module you can ...
  • define maintenance objectives and measures,   
  • explain which lubrication and cleaning products are suitable for cylinders and which are not.
10 Minutes
MKS Standards Security

After completing this module, you can ...

  • explain the four essential dimensions of security in connection with locking systems and their use,
  • determine the four protective walls for the long-term security of a locking system,
  • explain the essential factors of registration as a security system,
  • answer whether e-mail confirmations are allowed in the security standard,
  • define the three variants of the legitimation check as well as further possibilities of the guidelines for the spare/replacement key order.

Note: Valid for the Austrian market. 

15 Minutes