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Individual training courses can be offered for customers or organization units.
After completing the form, relevant topics from the training program or individual topics can be put
together in cooperation with the training team. Due to the higher administration and preparation,
a one-time preparation flat rate is due.
Before making an individual request, please check whether your needs could also be covered by
standard classroom training.

Here you will get to our Classroom training.

What happens on the next few pages?

After clicking on "Inquiry", questions about the products, learning objectives, number of participants, location, language, desired dates as well as address and invoice data, and for project-related inquiries the serial and order number are asked.

Costs1.000 euros / day plus 1.000 euros preparation costs once per week.


Sales training
Several years of sales experience with products requiring explanation.
Basic knowledge of mechanical and unit engineering.

Technical training
Completed training as a mechatronics engineer, electrician or industrial mechanic / locksmith with additional qualification as an electrician.

preparation time

After completing the form, a preparation time of at least 4 weeks is required.
After the offer has been submitted with a suggested date, the binding period is 10 working days.

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