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We offer various eLearnings regarding Entrance Systems. The eLearnings are available in German and English

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General eLearning Courses

Target group: For everyone

eLearning CoursesLearning ObjectivesDuration
Introduction to Physical Access Systems (PAS)

Learn the basics about PAS (ESC), history, our segments and watch a gallery of our solutions. After completing the module you will be familiar with...

  • the ENS PAS (ESC) product area,
  • the Bühl site,
  • our products and business segments,
  • working with the extranet.

50 Minutes

Product overview half-height systems (PAS)

This lesson gives an overview of our half height systems like tripod barriers, swing doors, turnstiles, and sensor barriers.

30 Minutes

Product overview height systems (PAS)

This lesson gives an overview of our hight systems like security turnstiles, security revolving doors, and personal interlocks. 

25 Minutes

Product overview perimeter protections (PAS)

This lesson gives an overview of perimeter protection. It features high turnstiles and fullheight gates. 

20-25  Minutes

Product overview Personal Flow solutions (PAS)

This lesson gives an overview of personal flow solutions. It includes revolving doors and circular sliding doors.

10-15 Minutes

Product overview airport (PAS)

This lesson gives an overview of our airport products like one-way-corridors, self-boarding gates, and automated border control. 

30 Minutes

Technology eLearning Courses

Target Group: Technicians, technical planners, and customer service

eLearning CoursesLearning ObjectivesDuration
​Technology TPB

The tripod barrier in detail! Construction, assembly, various units, and maintenance work are treated here.

25 Minutes

Argus 40/60/80 Technology 1

Argus 40/60/80 Technology

The Argus 40/60/80 sensor barrier in detail! Construction, assembly, various units, and maintenance work are treated here.

Part 1 Product & Components
argus 40/60/80 and variants, important components, basics about the escape route and some installation scenarios

Part 2 Assembly
delivered components, installation on unfinished and finished floor, basics about electrical connection

Part 3 Commissioning
8 steps for commissioning and the necessary tasks

Part 4 Maintenance
identify the ETS22cc master board, replacing a motor/ encoder, replace a defective board and light curtains.

60 Minutes


ArgusAir Overview

In this eLearning module, the key functionalities of the Argus Air are explained with short videos. Also, the types of Argus Air are introduced and related resources like factsheets and websites are given.

20 Minutes