Training Entrance Systems Control

Experience Days and on-demand learning

We are pleased to introduce this innovative program that aims to promote learning in a dynamic and ever-changing world. 

We start with the products:
ETS22, TPB, HSD, HTS, FTS, FGE, Argus 40-60-80 and Argus V60.

What does on-demand learning mean?

  • The complete technical product knowledge for these products can be accessed online through videos, which are available 24/7.
  • Immediate access to new learning content for new employees, additional content for professionals without waiting times, at any time.
  • Knowledge can be accessed again at any time, e.g. for specific problems on site.

New training format: The Experience Days

  • If you want to gain practical experience in a safe environment in addition to the video training, our Experience Days are the right place for you.
  • We open our Experience and Training Center in Bühl to all interested technical specialists several times a year for 2 days each.

All current dates can be found on our learning platform.

Experience Center Bühl

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Experience Days

Training content

Visiting the Experience Days is not a classic training course. Much more we give our visitors the chance to experience the products themselves and to gain their own experiences. Each participating person can therefore decide for themselves how they want to organize these 2 days.

Swap an engine? Test new parameters? Recreate and discuss problems? No problem! Our competent team of trainers is of course available to answer any questions.


The following products are available:

ETS22cc, TPB, HSD, FTS, Argus 60, Argus V60, Argus Air, TPB-M04, SafeRoute
Target group

Fitters, service technicians


Basic experience with our products or knowledge acquisition through our on-demand videos.

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An idea of ​​how the visit should be designed – Each participant decides for themselves.

To bring alongSee "General information".

2 days


08:30 - 16:30

Number of participants

Min. 4, Max. 20