Training Entrance Systems Control

ESC Classroom Training

In this area, you will find classroom training for tripod barriers, turnstiles, revolving doors and many more.

There are no more pre-scheduled standard training dates from the FY 21/22. All standard trainings can now be requested via the dormakaba learning platform. Simply use the direct link in the respective training description. A course offer will be made, as soon as the minimum number of participants (4 participants) is reached.

For individual training requests please use our request form. 

Thumbnail How to request a standard training?

How to request a standard training?

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Control ETS22cc with Pavis

Learn everything you need about our ETS22cc control unit. It is part of our newer products.


Control ETS21cc with Pavis

Learn everything you need about our ETS21cc control unit. It is part of some of our products.


Control ETS20xs with Pavis 96 NG

Learn everything you need about our ETS20xs control unit. Today it is mainly used in revolving doors.



Learn all the relevant facts regarding sales.


Kerberos TPB, Charon HSD, HTS

The technology of turnstiles and tripod barriers is the focus in this course.


Kerberos TPB-M04 Easy Entrance

TPB-M04 is a special turnstile that allows paid entry.


Argus 40/60/80

Argus 40/60/80 is our new generation of halfheight sensor barriers.


Argus Air

Argus Air Sensor barriers: The new solution for an efficent passanger flow.


Argus HSB-M03 Self-boarding and automated boarding pass control

The HSB-M03 selfboarding gate is used in airports to identify and board passengers.


Kentaur FGE, FTS

The high turnstiles and gates can secure your buildings and areas.


Orthos PIL-C01, -M01, -S01 security locks

This course is about the different personal interlocks.


Orthos PIL-M02 16

The exit lane breach control unit including camera- and sensor-based evaluation is highly secure.


Talos RDR, Geryon SRD < 3,600 mm Revolving and security revolving doors

Revolving doors and security revolving doors are the topics of this course.


SRD Vision

SRD Vision is a special camera system to secure your security revolving doors.