Training Electronic Access & Data

Beginner Training exos

For the beginner training exos, you need to complete the following e-learning program before you attend the classroom training.

To complete the following eLearning courses, you need around three hours in total. Try to follow the suggested learning plan in dormakaba Learning Portal.

If you are a partner, click here for guidelines.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
If you are a dormakaba employee, click on the title to directly access to the program.

Beginner Training exos 4.x.xx

eLearning CoursesLearning ObjectivesDuration

Basic elements of a door

Basics of access control

Components of electronic access control systems

Media Technology

Basics of RFID

Welcome video

Basics of Computer

Addressing of devices

After completing these courses, you can …

  • distinguish between different types of access control,
  • explain the steps of access authorization.
  • get an overview (biometrics, RFID, Barcode, Magnetic Stripes, Bluetooth, NFC, and RCID) and distinguish media technology used in the EAD environment,
  • identify the most important components and services of a network and explain their tasks,
  • list the most important differences between IPv4 and IPv6.