Training Electronic Access & Data

Basic Training exos

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Basic Training exos 4.x.xx

Training topics

- What's access control?
- Why do we need access control Kaba exos 9300 release 4.x.xx
– Software 
- Kaba Exos system Installation 
- Basic setup 
- Basic setup hardware 
- Commissioning 
- Examination practice 

Training goals
After completion of the training, the participant will be able to: Knows the differences between a small and large system; Can do an installation of dormakaba exos 9300 4.x.xx all in one; Cabling of a training panel; Parameterization and commissioning of an access manager incl. access booking; Parameterization of dormakaba exos; Knows the difference between whitelist, CardLink & wireless; Parameterization and commissioning of CardLink & wireless.
Target group
dormakaba exos system engineers, Product Manager, Project Manager
- IT basic knowledge
- Completion of the assigned e-learning modules and Basic EAD Hardware Training.
To bring along

Duration4,5 days
Number of participantsMin. 4, Max. 8