Training Electronic Access & Data

Beginner Training EAD Hardware

For the Beginner level of EAD Hardware Training, you need to complete the whole program in dormakaba Learning Portal. To complete all the following e-learning courses, you need around six hours in total. Try to follow the suggested learning plan in for each package.

​​​​​​​There are five packages, which are the basic eLearning courses have to be completed by a trainee who is willing to take the further steps in technical training EAD.

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Beginner Training EAD 

eLearning CoursesLearning ObjectivesDuration
Electronic Access Control

Basic elements of a door

Basics of access control

Basic types of electronic access control systems

Components of the electronic access control system

After completing these courses, you can …

  • define the basic elements and fundamentals of a door,
  • determine what is meant by access control,
  • distinguish between different types of access control,
  • explain the steps of access authorization.
90 Minutes
Time & Attendance 

Basics of Time & Attendance I

Processing of time events

After completing these courses, you can …

  • explain the advantages and terminology of this topic,
  • define the components of time & attendance systems,
  • explain the processing of time events and the use of workflows.
40 Minutes
EAD Hardware & EAD Software Solutions

Overview of Electronic Devices

Overview of Standalone

Overview of EAD software solutions

After completing these courses, you can …

  • get information about the access manager, readers, registration units, terminals, and standalone components,
  • name the important decision points of system solutions with the combination of hardware and software,
  • you get an overview of the dormakaba EAD software solutions,
  • explain the advantages and target groups of standalone products.

80 Minutes
Identification Media

Media Technology

Basics of RFID

After completing these courses, you can …

  • Get an overview (biometrics, RFID, Barcode, Magnetic Stripes, Bluetooth, NFC, and RCID) and distinguish media technology used in the EAD environment,
  • Explain the technical basics of RFID, important standards, applications, and manufacturers.

60 Minutes
Computer Networks

Basics of Computer Networks

Addressing of devices
After completing these courses, you can …
  • explain how the various components of network communication with each other,
  •  identify the most important components and services of a network and explain their tasks,
  • explain the connection between IP addresses and network masks,
  •  list the most important differences between IPv4 and IPv6.
90 Minutes