Training Electronic Access & Data

Upgrade Training EACM

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Upgrade Training EACM V7.5

Training topics

Changes from the last version, such as:
- Improvements (usability, stability, etc.)
- Extensions of an already implemented function 
- New features

Training goals
After completing the training, the participant knows the different to the existing EACM Software versions. Single functions will be introduced, discussed and shown. The participants can migrate EACM V7.5 and use it.
Target group
Partner, service technicians, system planners, system administrators, people who entrust someone with the installation or are in charge of EACM Software SAP integration.
- Technical basic knowledge of network technology, basic knowledge of EAD product portfolio
- Basic knowledge about data communication, time & attendance, access and biometric.
- SAP basic knowledge is recommended

Participation in:
- Basic Training EACM 
- Advanced Training EACM
- Basic Training B-COMM
- Advanced Training B-COMM
To bring along
Own laptop with administrator rights, installed FTP / STP program and actual installed B-COMM Software.
Number of participants
Min. 4, Max. 8