Training Electronic Access & Data

Beginner Training EACM

For the Beginner level of b-comm ERP Training, you need to complete the standard program Beginner Training EAD, and additionally Beginner Training EACM program in dormakaba Learning Portal.

To complete the following eLearning courses, you need around 120 minutes in total. Try to follow the suggested learning plan in dormakaba Learning Portal.

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Beginner Training EACM

eLearning CoursesLearning ObjectivesDuration
Basics of EACM

Basics of ERP Systems

Basics of SAP I

Basics of SAP II

Basics of SAP III

After completing these courses, you can …
  • understand the basic functionality of EACM,
  • distinguish between EACM and other solutions,
  • explain what an ERP system is and what purpose it fulfills,
  • name advantages/disadvantages of ERP Systems,
  • explain the basic structure of SAP ERP,
  • describe the structure of SAP HANA,
  • explain the structure of the SAP 3 system landscape,
  • name the individual components of the SAP application layer in detail,
  • explain the differences between the terms "system", "instance", and "clients".