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Update Training b-comm ERP

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Update Training b-comm ERP 6

Training topics

- GUI-adjustments
- Migration of scenarios
Update training is offered for every major or minor release change, as significant changes are expected in different areas (see topics). The individual topics can be found in the respective release notes for this particular version. Information about hotfixes is provided in the form of "Service Infos", as usual. Minor changes can also be trained in a timely manner via a webinar.

Training goals
Independent installation of a new system or migration of an existing system
Target group
Technicians and consultants who have completed the b-comm ERP “Advanced module” training.
- Advance Training B-COMM
- Advanced Training b-comm ERP
To bring along
Laptop with the following configuration: Hardware, administrator rights, 64 Bit architecture, 8 GB Ram, > 2GB storage space. Software (pre-installed!): newest Java JDK(!), newest Version B-COMM, SQL Server 2012 Express or newer, Kaba b-comm ERP.
Number of participants
Min. 4, Max. 8