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Basic Training b-comm ERP


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Basic Training b-comm ERP 

Training topics

- What is an ERP system?
- What is the purpose of Kaba b-comm ERP?
- Kaba b-comm ERP a part of the dormakaba product portfolio

- Installation Requirements
- Preparatory Activities and windows services
- Setup and GUI

Setup & Commissioning
- Application and terminal configuration
- Process and personal settings
- Monitoring/Archiving and ERP Interfaces

- User administration and badge management
- Rebook and database viewer
- ERP Monitoring and License Information Operation
- Maintenance and simple Migration Scenarios
- Basic Troubleshooting

Training goals
After completing the training, the participant gets knowledge about the installation of all 
necessary software components (SQL Server, Java, Kaba b-comm ERP, tools, etc.). 
The participant can configure the whole software and support the correct data flow.
As well to provide a firm, overall understanding of all the technical possibilities, features as well as the built-in solutions of b-comm ERP in depth. These skills are consolidated in practical exercises.
Target group
dormakaba employees, software partners, service technicians, integrators, system planners, system administrators, people who entrust someone with the installation or are in charge of the installation.
- Technical basic knowledge of network technology, basic knowledge of EAD product portfolio
- Basic knowledge - about data communication, time & attendance, and access
- Participation in “Start-up Training: WFM product portfolio”
- Participation in “Start-up Training: WFM Basic Knowledge”
- Participation in “Technical Basic Training: B-COMM Basic Knowledge”
To bring along
Own laptop with administrator rights and actually installed B-COMM software and Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
Number of participants
Min. 4, Max. 8