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Advanced Training b-comm ERP

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Advanced Training b-comm ERP

Training topics

- Installing all the required software parts (SQL Server, Java, Kaba b-comm ERP, tools,etc.)
- Set up the entire software suite in order to get the complete data flow running 
- Mastering the basic features and functionalities of Kaba b-comm ERP

Training goals
After completing the training, the participants can perform a stable standard installation of the entire software suite, integrate Kaba b-comm ERP into an existing time recording scenario, explain and demonstrate the operation of Kaba B-COMM ERP, identify and solve potential occurring malfunctions and maintain the whole system for a smooth operation.
Target group
Technicians and consultants who have completed the b-comm ERP “Advanced module” training.
- Basic technical training in the field of network technology, as well as basic knowledge of the EAD product portfolio 
- Knowledge of data communication, time recording, and access
- Participation in the "Introductory Training: EAD Product Portfolio"
- Participation in the "Basic training course Technology: Fundamentals of communication solution B-COMM"
- Participation in the "Technical Basic Training l: EAD Fundamentals
- Participation in the "Technical Basic Training: XML Communication http/https"
- Participation in the "Technical Basic Training l: Basics ERP Solution dormakaba b-comm ERP"
- Participation in the "Advanced training course Technical: B-COMM for advanced users"
- Participation in the "Advanced training course Technical AddOn: Biometrics with B-COMM"
To bring along

Number of participants
Min. 4, Max. 8