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Kaba mobile access - access per mobile phone

Opt for security with Kaba mobile access: grant people access over the smartphone easily and flexibly without compromising on security. Kaba mobile access integrates doors with or without network connection into your access solution network – easily, efficiently and securely. Besides security, user friendliness plays a major role: with Kaba mobile access, access rights to remote locations or infrastructure systems are easily assigned on demand, on the spot. For instance, a fitter simply requests the necessary access rights per mobile phone or app and they are sent immediately to his smartphone.



  • Use of smartphones as access medium saves trouble and effort involved in lost or forgotten IDs
  • Enhances security also for remote sites and premises
  • Central access rights management in the Kaba solution creates transparency and security
  • Rights are transferred over the mobile network in a secure process
  • On-site programming usually required without a network connection is eliminated
  • Events like status and access incidents are sent from the door to the Kaba access solution over the smartphone