dormakaba Touch Free Access Solutions

Touch Free Access Solutions

Good Hygiene and Social Distancing is fast becoming a new normal in the work place and public areas

Touch Free Access Solutions

Maintaining proper health and hygiene is indispensable for healthy and happy living. It starts with reducing contact with surfaces that can potentially spread microbes. Microbes can spread from hand to surface by a simple touch. The surface then spreads it further. It is hence essential to follow the safe practice of not touching objects that are frequently used by many.

Objects like door handles are everywhere and hence unavoidable. Even though no technology can substitute good personal hygiene, some innovative entrance solutions can enhance it. The right entrance solution can reduce the risk of infectious diseases by minimizing human contact with doors and handles and ensure safe flow entry. dormakaba’s touch free solutions offer you the safety, convenience and hygiene essential for creating a healthy environment for all. 

Reducing the number of touch points is one way of maintaining Good Hygiene

Benefits of Touch Free Entry


By eliminating the need to touch contaminated surfaces, you can enhance health and well-being of people who visit the place.


The low energy automatic door operators are safe to use even for the elderly and children. Touch free access ensures safety for all.


Entry is convenient, as the doors open even when your hands are full of carrying bags and packages.

Touch Free Access Solutions ensures contactless opening of Door for a Safe Entry

Retrofit. Touch to Touch Free Access in 3 Easy Steps

dormakaba offers door automation that eliminates the need to touch door handles. With our touch free access solutions, it is now possible to retrofit existing manual operated doors especially the ones which are of paramount importance due to the high frequency of usage areas such as the Main Entrance Doors, Lobby and Corridor doors, Banquet & Restaurant doors, Meeting & Board Room doors, Toilet Main Entrance & Physically Challenged Toilet doors etc., at Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Factories & Airports.   Our highly skilled team of professionals will support you in completing the conversion of a manually operated  door into touch free automatically operated door in 3 easy steps.

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