X-0 Series

Kaba Mas X-0 high security locks are the trusted choice for securing the US Government’s most sensitive spaces and materials. Originally introduced in 1992 as the only lock to meet the requirements of Federal Specification FF-L-2740, today’s X-10 high security lock represents the latest edition to this secure tradition. The X-10 was developed as a direct result of the latest revision to federal specification FF-L-2740 (now Revision "B"). The X-10 is approved by GSA for use on all GSA approved filing cabinets, containers, and vault doors that require an FF-L-2740 high security lock. The Kaba Mas X-10 was designed with similar operating features and functions of its predecessor, the X-09. It uses the same proprietary self-powered technology and comes standard with a backlit LCD display.

Also available is the CDX-10 high-security pedestrian door deadbolt, consisting of an X-10 mounted on a deadbolt base plate. The CDX-10 is approved by GSA to meet requirements of Federal Specification FF-L-2890CType VI.

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