dormakaba b-comm ERP - SAP ERP- time ana attendance

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  • dormakaba terminal 97 00

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  • b-comm-ERP5-SAP-ERP-layers-model-time-recording
  • dormakaba terminal 97 00
  • Zeiterfassung Terminal 97 00


The solution is suitable for all SAP users who want to record working hours and process them in SAP ERP. The basis of this software is an interface certified by SAP, which ensures easy integration as well as secure and error-free data exchange between the individual SAP modules and the dormakaba acquisition components. Benefit from complete integration with SAP and automated, secure and error-free data exchange. More than 1700 SAP customers worldwide rely on dormakaba solutions.

In addition, powerful software modules are also available in dormakaba b-comm ERP for time recording.


The expanding functions for the SAP ERP system are the HR employee, HR Reception and HR Manager modules.

The leave request is made available as absence request to employees or managers.

HR staff

This means that every employee always keeps an eye on his times.

HR reception

With the "HR Reception" package, your employees in the reception area have all the necessary tools at their disposal to be able to provide information and receive visitors.

HR Manager

The HR Manager has access to the posting overview and the master data of the employees assigned to him. Your HR managers effectively manage the resource time in their teams.

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