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Gege ANS2

The system Gege ANS2 is one of the most secure cylinder locks on the market, thanks to the centering pin in the cylinder which prevents opening by the bumping method. This cylinder has a patented hard metal stop on the barrel which serves as additional drilling protection. Gege ANS2 keys match the stop on the barrel exactly and are not available for retail sale - this provides additional protection against unauthorized duplicate keys.


Product details

  • The patented stop on the barrel and steel security elements in the cylinder housing and barrel offer protection against drilling.
  • The stop and key match, production of duplicate keys on conventional machines is extremely difficult.
  • Overlapping key profile and special pins in the cylinder lock protect against picking, a manipulation method common among burglars.
  • Certified to the the highest European standards and tested, therefore well protected against manipulation and vandalism from outside.
  • Can be integrated at any time into electronic access systems.
  • You decide in your master key system, which key opens which doors.
  • Also available for surface mounted door locks, sheet metal doors, furniture locks, padlocks, key switches, and many more.

  • Five, six or seven tumbler pin pairs
  • Patented stop on the barrel as copy and drilling protection.
  • Centering pin against the bumping method
  • Side locking elements
  • Hardened pin in the cylinder barrel against drilling
  • Overlapping profile
  • Meets the requirements of EN 1303 key related security grade 4-6 and attack resistance grade 2
  • Meets Austrian standard ÖNORM B5356
  • Meets standard DIN 18252 grade 71 (5 pins) and 82 (6 and 7 pins)
  • Meets standard VdS grades A and B