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ED 100

The modern ED 100 swing door operator is the all-rounder of the dormakaba operators. The ED 100 is easy to handle and highly flexible. The operator has a small size and can be easily adapted to the individual needs thanks to its modular design. Despite its strength, the drive is so quiet in operation that it is hardly noticed. The modern control system is designed to adapt itself to the needs of the user and to compensate changing conditions in the environment, thus achieving a very high system availability during operation. In addition, the ED 100 has the Temperature Management Program and the Initial Drive Control which can significantly extend the service life by avoiding unwanted overloads caused by doors that are hard to move or vandalism. All in all, the ED 100 offers a sophisticated system that takes many aspects from installation to daily use into account.

  • Modular design and variable functional range
  • Door widths up to 1100 mm
  • Door weights up to 100 kg
  • Single- and double-leaf swing doors
  • Push or pull version

Product details

  • Suitable for the use on normal doors up to 1100mm width or 160kg weight.
  • Self-closing feature for the use on fire doors up to 1100 mm width.
  • Long lifespan thanks to the integrated Temperature Management Program (TMP).
  • Can be used for opening support or as a fully automatic drive.
  • Suitable for single-leaf and double-leaf doors, also semi-automated as ED ESR ½.
  • Reliable even at very low temperatures.
  • Wind load control can be activated in automatic mode.
  • Supports low-energy and full-energy mode.

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