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DORMA XS-Fitting Pro

The XS Fitting Pro of the XS product family is a stand-alone access control system integrated in the door fitting for operation in conjunction with proximity ID cards and transponder fobs.

  • Stand-alone access control system
  • Solid, robust construction
  • Adaptable for different security requirements

Product details

Proven principle

The XS Fitting Pro is the flexible solution for securing doors required to offer simple operation based on the usual opening action –with just one free hand if necessary. The XS Fitting Pro is thus ideal for use in care and senior homes, nurseries, kindergartens and schools. And thanks to their solid, robust construction, manufacturing and production areas can also be secured with these XS fittings.

Adaptable for different security requirements

The XS Fitting Pro can be technically adapted to different security requirements: For the option of emergency opening, a Europrofile cylinder can be integrated in the system, as can an automatically relocking anti-panic/emergency escape locks (SVP) suitable for property insurance certification.


The XS Fitting Pro is automatically activated by a proximity ID card or transponder fob. If the proximity device is recognized, the lever handle, which is disabled in standby mode, is activated, enabling passage through the door. If required, a temporary permanent-open function can also be implemented.