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DORMA XS-Reader Pro

XS Reader Pro devices come as LEGIC, MIFARE and HITAG proximity card readers suitable for internal and external applications.

  • Suitable for internal and external applications
  • Non-networked integration

Product details

Non-networked integration

The XS Reader Pro closes the gap between networked access control and stand-alone access security components. It is permanently installed at the door, but requires no cabling to a central control point. This makes it ideal for doors which operate using an electronic strike but where further wiring is undesirable. In external applications and on zone-dividing internal doors, this means that access control can be elegantly integrated within already existing door communication systems – without any further constructional measures.


The XS Reader Pro operates like a classic access control reader. On recognition of an authorized ID card, the relay releases the electric strike, allowing the door to be opened.