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With MATRIX XS, you are able to readily and traceably determine with a mouse click who is authorized to open which door. The system consists of proximity XS access readers and the MATRIX XS access control software.

  • Simply secure
  • Easy to install
  • Extended security with MATRIX XS Plus

Product details

MATRIX XS – electronic access control as easy as 1. 2. 3.

The system consists of proximity XS access readers and the MATRIX XS access control software.

XS access reader

These offline readers with minimal or no wiring can be flexibly used in all the areas to be secured. From timber, glass or narrow stile doors to exterior, garage or fire doors and lockable cabinets, the access readers with proximity ID card technology are universally applicable. And you stay flexible. The XS fitting or XS cylinder do not impair the building fabric when installed and can be just as easily removed, taken with you and fitted to another door when you move or change the room setup.

Matrix XS - the easy access software

The Matrix XS software makes it easy to create a precise, clear looking plan:

  • Enter your XS-secured doors
  • Set up the list of personnel and assign them a proximity ID card
  • Click on a clear matrix display to define who is to be authorized for which doors
  • Transmit this data to the XS readers via the USB/IrDA interface


The MATRIX XS Plus function upgrade offers extended security for large or growing companies.
In order to clearly assign permissions to a large number of doors and persons, people with the same permissions and/or doors in a particular area can be efficiently combined in "groups" such as departments, accommodation units etc.
With its integrated, customizable calendar, MATRIX XS Plus can also be used to define who has access to which door or area on precisely which days of the week and at precisely what time. For instance, access can be registered for certain persons or groups of persons in the evening, at weekends and on bank holidays, or complete access weekly programs can be created and allocated to particular persons.