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This modular access control system facilitates the planning and realisation of professional access management. The system provides easy handling and is ready for use without much previous knowledge.

  • Easy installation
  • Flexible and versatile in any situation
  • Variably applicable for up to 1,000 ID cards
  • Predefined system for online and offline use
  • Easy initialisation of access hardware
  • Upgrades at any time

Product details

MATRIX Ready to Run - simply simple

The MATRIX Ready to Run Box is already preadjusted for the application of a B6L 4P access control terminal. The B6L 4P terminal of the Ready to Run Box allows connecting all relevant door components and proximity reading devices out of the DORMA product range according to an easily comprehensible wiring diagram.

MATRIX Ready to Run XS

The MATRIX Assistant allows fast and easy commissioning of XS components while the system is in offline mode.

Simple but powerful

With MATRIX Ready to Run there are virtually no limits: From a simple office door over exterior doors and security-relevant doors in laboratories or hospitals to parking barriers... Ready to Run - always the right choice.

A simple combination

MATRIX Ready to Run simply combines an online access control system with the digital door components of the XS product range like the XS Cylinder Pro, the XS Fitting Pro and the XS Reader Pro.