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DORMA M6 / L6 Time and Access Terminals

The M6/L6 Terminal can be used in conjunction with any conventional reader system and is suitable for time recording, access control or both. The terminal is equipped with a well-readable, illuminated display and a configurable membrane keypad. The integrated WEB server allows internet and intranet access while the S6R reader unit is ready for external connection via DP1 bus.

  • Easy integration in corporate LAN
  • System stores ID cards and events in a database
  • Real-time data transfer of time recording data to host
  • Ready for connection of further S6R readers
  • Provision of staff time recording data in real-time
  • Ready for use in conjunction with access control systems

Product details

State of technology in beautiful design

The compact M6/L6 terminals are characterised by their large functional range and Ethernet feature. Thanks to their modular design, M6/L6 Terminals can be used as standalone access control terminals (to EN 50133) and for time recording purposes. The L6 Terminal is especially suitable whenever a large number of function keys is required.

One software for all DORMA terminals

M6, L6 and B6 terminals use the same function software, which allows functional upgrades at any time. In addition, all terminals provide access control and time recording and allow easy changing of the terminal design without affecting the functional range.

Configurable key and display functions

The function keys can either be configured as 10 key numeric keypad to enter PIN codes or as function and request keys. The system gives users flexible control of the booking process, for example to allocate AoC (Access on Card) authorisations or to book cost centres via booking commands.

High connectivity

Apart from a 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet-TCP-IP interface to host, M6/L6 terminals also provide a RS485- DP1 and a DCW® interface. The interfaces may be configured for use in conjunction with any card reader and all kinds of peripheral components (like B6L).

Maximum compatibility

The M6/L6 Terminal configures integrated card readers and those connected via bus system. Thus existing ID cards can often be used and even do not require reprogramming. This goes for example for Mifare Classic and DESFire, Legic Prime and Advant, Hitag-1 and Hitag- 2, as well as EM 4102 and 4150.