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DORMA B6L 4P Access Control System

DORMA's B6L 4P box is a factory preconfigured access control terminal that allows the entire access control system to be quickly installed and commissioned without any prior knowledge.

  • Especially suitable for four doors
  • Upgradable to manage up to eight doors
  • Standard RS485 bus system to DORMA DP1
  • With optional terminal multiplexer for point-to-point reader connection
  • Fast installation and commissioning
  • Optionally with integrated rechargeable battery pack to ensure emergency power supply

Product details

B6L 4P - optimised for four doors

Within a radius of 100 meters, the B6L 4P terminal can control up to four doors. The box contains all of the necessary components, such as I/O modules, a power supply unit and an emergency power supply unit (optionally available).
The power supply unit supplies the card readers and DORMA electric strikes with power.

Approved wiring diagram for safe commissioning

Connect the B6L 4P and the access control components to the door as shown in the wiring diagram. The system allows connection of all DORMA DP1 flush- and surface-mounted readers, keypads, SIEDLE readers (for integration in door communication system), as well as DORMA door components such as SVP motor locks and electric strikes.

Optimised for MATRIX Ready to Run

The B6L 4P terminal is connected to the MATRIX host software via LAN and thus ready for operation in just a few mouse clicks.

DORMA terminal software

Also the B6L 4P box uses the DORMA terminal software as it facilitates the installation process and provides the full functional range. The B6L 4P access control terminal in conjunction with the MATRIX software allows realising all kinds of security levels, from simple door control systems to high security areas with airlocks or similar.

Extension of B6L 4P

With the terminal multiplexer, the B6L 4P terminal is ready for star wiring. The optionally available 9/8 I/O module allows controlling up to eight doors.