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Door lock ergo (Austrian standard ÖNORM) - especially quiet closing

With this innovative door lock, closing is quiet and smooth with little wear. Opening doors is much easier, but stability is increased. Although gege.ergo offers such a high level of convenience in any room, it is best suited for private homes with children, hospitals, libraries and everywhere peace and quiet is appreciated.



Product details

  • Smooth, quiet door closing
  • Latch can be changed to right/left without any special tools
  • Door can be opened with little effort
  • Low maintenance, long lasting
  • Easy to clean as there are no protruding corners and edges
  • For flush and rebate doors
  • Fits perfectly with Gege adjustable striking plates
  • Little wear and long product life
  • Door lock to Austrian standard (ÖNORM)
  • Forend surface finish in décor silver, stainless steel or yellow zinc plated
  • For inside and intermediate doors up to 40 kg door weight

  • Center distance according to Austrian standard ÖNORM
  • Plastic latch
  • Backset 50 mm
  • Center distance 90mm for flat, WC- and round cylinder locks
  • Center distance 88mm for Europrofile cylinder locks (90mm optional)
  • Plastic follower in 8 or 8.5mm square
  • Lever handle stroke 25°
  • Round forend in décor silver 250x18x3 mm
  • Single throw bolt