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DORMA TMS LAN Networking

Whenever you want to parametrise, control and monitor TMS emergency exit control systems from a central location - no matter if this concerns a small building or large projects with several dozens of doors - Ethernet networking is the appropriate solution. The system uses the building's existing network structure or common hardware (Ethernet card, switch/hub). TMS emergency exit control boxes allow the easy and effective incorporation in LAN network systems and are ready for central control via a server PC with the TMS Soft software. If desired, you can also connect a LAN control panel.

  • Central TMS management via LAN
  • Using existing network hardware
  • Usual network administration layout
  • Parallel clients and control panels
  • Free choice of network topology
  • Easy connection of further TMS escape route control boxes

Product details

Easy to upgrade

The system is ready for parallel operation of several control panels or client PCs. In addition, LAN networks are easy to upgrade with additional TMS escape route control boxes and allow you to choose the network topology. You can furthermore connect the system to the internet in order to enable remote visualisation and maintenance.


The TMS LAN module is used to incorporate TL-S TMS 2 control and interface boards, LAN control panels as well as SVP-S DCW® and M-SVP-S DCW® motor lock controls into LAN networks. The system is connected via a simple plug-in connection.

TMS RS232/LAN module

With this compact adapter module, you can incorporate TL-S TMS 2 and TMS Comfort emergency exit control systems, ED 100/250 automatic swing door operators and ES 200 sliding door operators into LAN networks.

DCW® LON/LAN input/output module

Bus interface module with four freely programmable inputs and outputs for connection of devices with analogue switching contacts to the DORMA DCW® system bus. In addition, the module is ready for networking via LON module and LON gateway or LAN module. In LON/LAN mode, you can parameterise inputs and outputs as desired and visualise them with the aid of the TMS Soft software.

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