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DORMA flush-mounted TL-UP Design door terminal sets

Flush-mounted TL-UP Design door terminals easily open doors in the event of an emergency and allow authorised people to use the escape door or to acknowledge alarms after opening. The system is ready for installation in all common switch ranges and therefore perfectly meets the overall design of the building's electronic components.

  • Appealing design
  • Sets for flush-mounting
  • Comprising an emergency pushbutton, a key switch and a double-unit frame
  • Connection to escape route control boxes via DCW® system bus
  • Easy parametrising via TMS Soft

Product details

Door terminals in elegant design

Thanks to their compact design, DORMA TL flush-mounted Design door terminals are ready for installation in standard flush-mounted device boxes and therefore much more elegant and less obtrusive than surface-mounted systems. DORMA provides predefined sets in the following versions: GIRA System 55 and JUNG

Easy to connect

All flush-mounted TL-UP Design door terminals comprise the TL-NC emergency pushbutton, the TL-ST key switch and a double-unit frame. The DORMA DCW® system bus allows easy connection to individual control units such as the RZ TMS 2 escape route control box.

The flush-mounted TL-UP Design door terminal set comprises the following components:

Emergency pushbutton to open TMS escape route systems, ready for connection to RZ TMS 2 or the TL-S TMS 2 control board via DCW® system bus. Including visual and acoustic alarm and anti-tamper protection. The emergency pushbutton is covered by shatterproof safety glass.

Key switch for flush-mounted TL-UP Design door terminals or flush-mounted TMS Comfort systems, ready to lock and unlock doors with application in emergency exit control systems and door management systems.

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