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DORMA TL-Profile Set DCW

With their compact and elegant design, TL Profile Door Terminals offer completely new design options as the profile escape route door components harmonise with the building's overall architecture. No matter if flush- or surface-mounted, the terminals reliably open the escape route door in case of danger and allow authorised users to access the door and to reset alarms.

  • Extremely compact design
  • Installation in door frame or on the door leaf
  • The system harmonises with the door's environment
  • Connection to escape route control boxes via DCW® bus
  • Individual parametrising via TMS Soft
  • Key switches with optional LED display

Product details

Completely new design perspectives

DORMA Profile Terminals are elegant and unobtrusive systems for single- and double-leaf profile framed doors. The system is perfectly suitable whenever there is insufficient space to install conventional terminals next to the door or if detached design columns are not desired.

Perfect integration and fast installation

Just as required, the system is either mounted inside the profile of the door leaf or of the door frame. Thanks to their elaborate design, the fully enclosed components can easily be installed at most narrow stile doors – and even the cabling does not require much space.

Easy to connect

The Profile Terminal consists of the TL-NCP DCW® emergency pushbutton and the TL-STP 42 key switch. It allows easy connection to a detached control unit, for example the RZ TMS 2 escape route control box, via the DORMA DCW® system bus.

The TL Profile Set DCW® contains:

Emergency pushbutton in compact design with anti-tamper monitoring for installation in the profile of the door leaf or door frame. For connection to RZ TMS 2 escape route control box or TL-S TMS 2 control and interface board via DCW® system bus.
Emergency pushbutton in compact design with anti-tamper monitoring, for installation in the profile of the door leaf or door frame. Ready to lock and unlock doors with application in emergency exit control and door management systems.
Optional key switches:
The key switch with LED display is especially suitable for application on the outside of the escape route door. Even against the direction of escape, users will immediately know if the door is locked or unlocked. Available as analogue or DCW® version.

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