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Our team of technicians integrates experienced, specialized and continuous training staff. This ensures a quick analysis and a lasting solution.

Pedestrian Automatic doors

All operators and automatic pedestrian doors are complex electromechanical elements subject to wear and tear.
To ensure its correct and continuous operation, maintenance at regular intervals is imperative.
This periodic maintenance prevents accidents, reduces breakdowns and the inconveniences that these generate, prolonging the life of the pedestrian automatic door.
On the other hand, the maintenance of automatic pedestrian doors is mandatory according to the Technical Building Code (CTE). It states: "Automatic pedestrian doors shall be subject to maintenance conditions in accordance with the UNE EN 12.635: 1002 + A1: 2009" standard.
This maintenance rule reference will be updated to UNE 85121EX.
With the experience of our Technical Service and our partners, we can perform the repair and maintenance of competitive doors.
Additionally and during maintenance reviews, our technicians will inform you of the necessary actions, if any, to comply with the UNE-EN 16005 standard regarding the safety requirements that automatic doors must meet.

Mobile partitions (glass or acoustic)
The panels of the mobile partitions are built to guarantee a long life of the product, with rigid panels that avoid deformation and torsion in order to maintain a high level of acoustic and / or environmental insulation.
Due to the very nature of these facilities, the panels are continuously moving to configure the different rooms and spaces. For this reason, the panels wear out and deteriorate, requiring integral maintenance to ensure that the panels move freely and provide proper insulation.
With proper maintenance:

  • The soundproofing offered by a mobile partition between two adjoining rooms is guaranteed when it closes and seals correctly against the fixed elements of the building.
  • The opening and closing of the partition is allowed as quickly as possible reducing personnel costs in its handling.
  • The safety of the people is assured, since in the revisions the emphasis is on reviewing the elements that support the weight of the partitions, which, in some cases, is very high. Both the suspension elements of the mobile partition and the state of the parts of the building that support the weight are checked: slabs, beams, etc.
  • Energy costs are reduced (cooling and heating).

Fire and evacuation doors
Fire doors act as a barrier against fire, delaying the advance of the fire. Therefore, they must be closed automatically after each opening or when being released or by the electromagnet that holds the door open when the open position is its usual working position.
Inspections of fire doors and evacuation doors are obligatory and responsibility of the owners of the buildings and establishments as specified in the Technical Building Code - Basic Document of Fire Safety (CTE / DA DB-SI /3). According to this code, these revisions will be at least every six or three months depending on whether the doors are planned for the evacuation of more than 200 or 500 people respectively.
The owner of the door must also take into account that in the particular case of fire doors it is mandatory to comply with the UNE EN 1154, EN 1155 and EN 1158 norms.
In these reviews, different tests are carried out and the status of the door, the state of its fundamental components and its self-closing capacity are inspected.
Hardware (Door closers, floor springs, locks, panic bars, etc.)
When the door handles are neglected, they become unsafe and dangerous. They can start to get stuck, they become noisy, they can hit or operate too slowly and stop closing properly. If this happens, the door stops being safe. In the best case, it is annoying or, in the worst case, and in the case of a fire door, they pose a potentially deadly risk.
To avoid this, we recommend that the fittings of the manual doors be checked every six months. During these inspections a security checklist will be completed, showing our findings and any recommended corrective action, if any.
Note that the panic bars, etc. they must be installed in a way that facilitates a safe and efficient evacuation through the door with a minimum
of effort and without the need of prior knowledge of the device.
Garage / industrial doors and related elements (parking barriers, metal closures, etc.) Given the nature of the applications to which these products are intended, they are often subject to wear, accidents and bumps. Any of these damaged or neglected products can cause great inconveniences to its users, not only security, but also drawbacks that result in lost time and money.
We recognize the importance of security, from that of your own staff, to that of your customers and to the users of these establishments and buildings.
With these premises in mind, we ensure an effective service of preventive and corrective maintenance of all your access solutions so that the security of your building is not compromised by them.
Please note that in terms of garage / industrial doors according to the UNE-EN 85635: 2012 standard, already published, the owner / user must keep it and keep it in accordance with the manufacturer / installer maintenance book. ensure safe operating conditions, the most complex maintenance operations must be carried out by a Technical Service that complies with the specifications of the aforementioned standard.