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Atualização e modernização

Serviços de atualização e modernização da dormakaba

In the case in which you require our services for replacement due to breakdown, blow, antiquity, etc. of any of its access elements (industrial doors, garage doors, firewalls, parking barriers, etc.) contact us and a Technical Assistance Service technician will assist you to offer a customized solution and execute all phases of this process: 

  • Initial visit
  • Taking measurements
  • Stakeout
  • Sending plans and specifications for confirmation by the client
  • Installation

Automatic Pedestrian Doors

Our automatic doors are characterized by their comfort of use, quality and reliability. With proper maintenance, our doors have a long service life, although it is recommended to periodically update their vital systems to the most technologically advanced or, if necessary, change the old door / automation for a new one.

For the updates, suffixed either by a breakdown in an old equipment or by its update for reasons of comfort and safety, we have KITS that allow the immediate replacement of the vital components and customer satisfaction.

It is an economical solution since the cost is much lower than having to install a new door / automation. In the Technical Assistance Service we also have KITS to update doors of other brands.

In the case where the door is very deteriorated (rolling profile, sheets, etc.) it is most convenient to replace it with a new door with the following advantages:

  • Latest technology
  • Compliance with the latest regulations in force
  • 2 years warranty
  • Consult applicable conditions of the renewal plan of the Technical Assistance Service