Saflok System 6000 is dormakaba’s windows-based access management software compatible with all Saflok lock models. The software provides interfaces to most property management systems (PMS) and offers a breadth of features and configurations to meet your property’s needs. System 6000 provides the security of access point audits, the ultimate in key management flexibility and superior access control throughout your property.  

  • Complete access control including lock auditing, reporting, common area access and restricted access
  • Supports mobile access through Saflok RFID BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) locks (sold separately)
  • Supports dormakaba’s Messenger LENS online/real-time room management solution
  • Integrates to a variety of third party solutions including PMS, POS, energy management and self-check-in kiosks


  • Multiple user profiles to ensure secured solution access. 
  • Extensive access control parameters for common and restricted areas, guest and meetings rooms and much more.   
  • Quick key read back to identify lost and found cards 
  • Extensive key creation features for both guest and staff usage 
  • Extensive reporting library  
  • Securely programs and encodes keycards directly through your PMS or through the Saflok 6000 client 

Tekniske detaljer

  • Support Window’s operating systems for both client and server. 
  • Virtual machine installation supported 
  • USB or POE encoder connection support 
  • PMS interface support including web services 

(Please see minimum hardware requirements for detailed server and client technology specifications) 


Lock programming & auditing 

  • Full access control for guest and staff common and restricted areas 
  • Guest room and suite management 
  • Key creation from PMS or Saflok client 
  • Mobile key support (sold separately) 
  • Access control scheduling 
  • Elevator management 
  • Messenger Lens online/real-time room management and monitoring (sold separately) 
  • Hundreds of room management scenarios and workflows 


  • Saflok 6000 software 
  • RFID Encoder 
  • Maintenance Unit 
  • Saflok Electronic Locks (sold separately) 
  • Keycards and Credentials (sold separately) 
  • dormakaba Mobile Access Solutions (sold separately) 
  • Messenger/Lens online/real-time room management (sold separately) 


  • Lock management 
  • Common area and restricted area access management 
  • Elevator management  
  • Perimeter access management 

Saflok System 6000

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