The innovative lock bar system that makes the thermal separation with a horizontal sliding wall child´s play. Easily change-over of panel function from sliding to pivoting. The absence of miter joints creates an elegant appearance for a pleasant interior ambience.

  • New lock bar system on pivoting/sliding panels
  • 40% improvement in thermal separation
  • A newly designed frame for a pleasing ambience

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Innovative lock bar system

New lock bar system on pivoting/sliding panels enables the switch between door and sliding mode with just one hand. User has complete control over the room climate. Integral single-action doors allow access while the rest of the frontage remains closed.
The position of the lock bar clearly shows the panel status. Additional security is offered by the three point locking system for the entire unit.

Improvement in thermal separation

40% improvement in the thermal separation value compared to the previous model. In addition to the thermal-break profiles, air is used as thermal buffer in the optimized overhead track to add to the insulation effect.

Elegant design and hassle-free installation

A newly designed frame with a reduced number of components, no miter joints and the invisibly integrated ITS 96 3-6 door closer, creating an elegant design for a pleasing ambience.

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