Innovation at dormakaba

Virtual reality: more than just a marketing gadget

Virtual reality is revolutionizing the world of video games. But the technology is also increasingly being used by businesses. At dormakaba, we have already taken our first steps into virtual reality with our virtual company headquarters in the Alps.

pic_Virtual reality_04
Virtual reality envelops observers in computer-generated environments that even allow them to interact. This is referred to as immersion.

Immersion is both emotional and intense, and is perfect for applications in the entertainment industry. Businesses are also increasingly exploring how they can make use of this rapidly developing technology – currently mainly in marketing and sales. In the future however virtual reality may be used in all business areas, particularly in production and customer service for industrial companies. 

dormakaba for all the senses: the Virtual Design Center 

We have already taken our first steps into virtual reality and created a virtual headquarters in the Italian Alps – the Virtual Design Center. Virtual reality goggles, headphones and controllers allow our customers, employees, and interested parties to visit and immerse themselves in the Virtual Design Center. At the moment, the center tells visitors all about dormakaba's values and mission.

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Interact via virtual reality?

The Virtual Design Center has been upgraded with interactive functions making it possible to access dormakaba’s virtual headquarters instantly from anywhere in the world. What makes it unique? Different visitors acting as avatars can meet in a virtual meeting room from Zurich and Montréal. Different configuration options can be shown live including color changes and the operating mode. 

Agile and fast: new technologies = new ways of working and thinking 

At dormakaba, we have declared digital transformation a vital component of our corporate strategy. That’s why we are exploring the possibilities of virtual reality. Researching new technologies requires us to work and think in more agile ways: When new ideas are developed, we simply try them out. We also work in short partial project phases, repeatedly reassess our progress, and then define our next steps as we go.

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Higher, faster, further – the journey to virtual worlds is just beginning

VR is still in its infancy; its potential is far from exhausted. Different techniques such as virtual reality and augmented reality are increasingly being merged into mixed reality and enhanced to include multi-sensory aspects. We seek and test innovative ways of using virtual reality to deliver added value for our customers, our business, and our employees.

More information on virtual reality and how this technology could be used in the future can be found in this issue of our customer magazine My Access.