Innovation at dormakaba

What innovation means to us

dormakaba is aiming to become a leader in innovation by creating superior customer value. To reach this aim, innovative ideas need courage and competence – across the whole company, departments, and people. With our video series "Innovation Stories" we portray colleagues and experts from all over the world who are committed to working on new products and solutions and thus play a decisive role for the innovative strength of dormakaba.

Innovation at dormakaba digital in Montréal (CA)

For the first two stories, we visited colleagues in Montréal (CA), who are part of dormakaba's new organizational unit "dormakaba digital". They are experts in the field of digital transformation and are working on the development of digital products and services based on open platforms and ecosystems.

Innovation at the dormakaba headquarters in Zurich (CH)

The second station takes us to our headquarters in Switzerland, where our CTO Andreas Häberli explains what innovation means to him. In addition, we learn why innovation for dormakaba is not only focused on digital concepts but also involves the continued development of mechanical products.

Expert talk: Design Thinking

In the third part of our trip, we met Andreas Peter and talked to him about Design Thinking. Andreas is Professor of Corporate Innovation Management at the FHS St.Gallen (Switzerland). 

"We ask ourselves about the true customer benefit."
Andreas Peter