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Controlled and audited access

Government & Strategic Infrastructure

dormakaba offers fully integrated security solutions which encompass biometric and RFID (radio-frequency identification) access control solutions for government, military and secure sites.
With a long-standing record of developing advanced access control systems, we are driven to solving the complex challenges of controlling movement throughout a building or entire campus.  Through our experience, resources and approach to providing sustainable solutions that create a safety-forward culture, we can assist you with planning your next project. . From city hall to local municipalities – no matter what level of government or type of building being designed, our smart access solutions create a secure and welcoming user experience. And, working together, our comprehensive project support ensures your access system will perform as specified –for the life of your building. Smart access begins at dormakaba.

Our access control and entry systems also ensure personnel safety and security, whilst offering cost saving benefits. Programmed access rights to particular zones ensure you know who has accessed, where, and when. In the event of an emergency, a sophisticated roll-call report shows if all people have been evacuated.

dormakaba offering to the Government & Strategic Infrastructure 

  • Time recording and access control
  • Biometric identification
  • Patented high security mechanical locking systems
  • Electronic and mechanical safe and container locks
  • Fire-proof document and data cabinets
  • Entrance systems
  • Door operators
  • Door hardware
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