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dormakaba is committed to building its sustainability strategy in line to its most material topics. Materiality is defined as all areas to which dormakaba makes a positive contribution to sustainable development, for example through job creation or training, but also areas whereby dormakaba’s business activities impact, for example, natural resources such as energy consumption during the manufacturing process. In addition, those areas of highest interest to its stakeholders were also taken into account. Material topics have then been aligned to dormakaba’s four focus areas of its strategic approach to sustainability, namely Transparency, Process & Production, Products, People.


When conducting business activities, compliance to local laws and internal company rules as well as respect of human rights and environmental regulations is of key importance at all locations. This applies both to in-house processes as well as to relationships with other external points of contact such as customers, authorities, partners and suppliers, as evidenced in dormakaba’s Code of Conduct and its Supplier Code of Conduct.

Process & Production

dormakaba uses resources in the manufacture of its products, and waste and emissions result. Environmental issues are therefore one of the material sustainability aspects that arise along the entire creation chain. In addition, the health and well-being of our employees across all business operations is a top priority.


Motivated and competent employees are an important factor for the success of dormakaba’s business. In its corporate strategy, dormakaba has committed to ensuring having the right people in the right role, encouraging diversity and providing proper training opportunities to ensure the best skill-sets.


dormakaba stands for high-quality and innovative products, placing priority on its value of Customer First. Product quality is therefore central and must be kept in mind at all stages in the value chain. Because the company knows that satisfied customers are key to remaining financially successful and achieving sustainable growth.

Sustainability in a nutshell