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Web-based access solution

As a result of a major innovation project, in November 2015 we presented our Kaba exivo access solution. We are one of the first companies in our market to exploit the possibilities of the internet of things, making us a pioneer in digitization within the market.

Kaba exivo is a web-based access solution for small and medium-sized businesses that allows them easily to plan, configure, individ­ualize and install an access system and then assign access rights dynamically. The solution runs on a central platform and is designed for mechani­cal as well as electronic applications.

With its Kaba exivo networked access system, dormakaba is developing from a product manufacturer into a service provider - access control as a service - giving it an additional, forward-looking business model. Pilot installations are currently underway, and in spring 2016 dormakaba launched Kaba exivo on the market in a first set of European countries .