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DORMA AGILE 150 Sliding Door System

The AGILE 150 operating mechanism is completely concealed in the track, which measures only 63mm high, enabling sliding glass doors to retain their minimalist aesthetics.

  • Modular system
  • Can be used where space is limited
  • Also suitable for wet rooms (EN 1670, Class 4)
  • Clamp-type-fittings - no glass preparation is required
  • Easy wall installation

Product details

Space saving

Sliding glass doors provide huge space saving benefits, minimalist design and combined with proven roller technology, ensure that even large doors can be operated smoothly and with ease.

Reliable stop

The doors are gently decelerated as well as being reliably held in both their closed and opened states by specially developed catch-type buffers.

Convenient Syncro version

The AGILE system is also available in a "Syncro" version. In this configuration, double-paneled sliding door sets open and close as biparting doors when just one of the panels is operated.

Easy installation

The clamp fitted roller means that no glass preparation is required. Just two maintenance-free clamp carriers can support glass of up to 150kg in weight.

One system – many solutions

The AGILE 150 offers versatility in the truest sense of the word. The system can be fixed to the wall, to the ceiling or along a lintel in either its single-panel or double-panel configuration, and with or without fixed sidelights. It can also be installed with a glass overpanel.

Long service life

The exceptional longevity ofthe system has also beenproven in protracted tests involving more than100,000 operating cycles (performed to DIN EN 1527).

Benefits for the architect/specifier

  • Thanks to the tiny dimensions, the DORMA Agile 150 still can be used where space is limited
  • The AGILE 150 takes corrosion resistance to a new level. So there are no obstacles to its installation and use in humid areas
  • The AGILE floor guide offers an impressive combination of effective functionality and attractive design

Benefits for the trade/distributor

  • Modular system reduces storage space requirement

Benefits for the installer/fabricator

  • With clamp-type fittings, the need to drill and cut the glass is eliminated.
  • Fast, simple fitting, saving time and money.